Welcome to my portfolio here I will showcase some of my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills


I have had a year of experience working with HTML, CSS and Javascript, I have also done some work with SQL in a previous job I had. I've worked on projects using C++ in the past building small games and recently have worked on some small projects creating webpages using my current knowledge of HTML,CSS and JavaScript.


Reach Services Home Page

This was the first proffessional job I did as a developer where I helped build the homepage site for start up company Reach Services Limited. My job was to create the image slider component and design build the initial layout of the site.

Dad Joke Generator

In this project I used the fetch API to build a site that displays different jokes everytime a button is pushed.

Movie App

In this project I used the moviedb API to build a site that displays movies based on popularity and displays an overview of the films and a rating.